Do you suffer from dental phobia? Moira explains how she clinical hypnotherapy could help!

Clinical Hypnotherapy with Moira

Firstly to reassure you, I’m a fully qualified, experienced, confidential Clinical Hypnotherapist. But, please, don’t take my word for it, read what some of my clients have written about their experience and transformation with me at my website:

One of the very sad facts which I learned very quickly from my clients is that more often than not, Hypnotherapy is “the last resort”. Many of my clients have suffered for years with unwanted habits, or negative patterns of behaviour and have uttered the words “what if this doesn’t work…”

However, some of my clients, have only recently started experiencing anxiety, fear and apprehension since the pandemic took effect. For you, the thoughts and feelings are new and you just cannot understand the grip and hold it has taken of you and just how devastating the effect is over such a short period of time.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Fear and apprehension planning a journey let alone the actual drive!
  • Negative thoughts e.g. “what if” or “I’m going to fail”,
  • What if I freeze and cannot answer/respond
  • What if there are too many people and I cannot get a breath
  • The last time I did/went/saw…


Alongside actual physiological changes

  • shortness of breath
  • sweaty palms
  • tense muscles
  • blurred vision
  • overheating


Perhaps you, like so very many people, have always, successfully relied on traditional medicine or treatment. Or maybe like many other people, your only knowledge/experience of hypnosis is from past entertainment shows when audience members strutted about the stage clucking like chickens for the views entertainment. Or perhaps you are fearful of the unknown, or of someone being able to access your deepest and most precious secrets.

The real truth is, hypnotherapy is about a truly relaxing state of mind and body. Clients literally rest, comfortably, assured that they are always in complete control, the unconscious mind will always act as protector eg regaining full conscious awareness if an alarm were to go off, or, rejection of something that fundamentally is not acceptable.

As for revealing or having to relive a past trauma is concerned, the fact is, clients don’t actually do much talking at all. It’s the emotional feeling that needs to be reduced to a manageable level or released entirely and replaced with more positive, helpful feelings.

Doesn’t that sound so reassuring? I’m sure you can already imagine having much more preferable thoughts and feelings which enhance your life.

I think the following examples will also allay any remaining worries you might have, hypnosis is something every one of us experiences on a fairly regularly basis, do any of these appear familiar?

  • being so engrossed in a book/music that the shouts of parents, partners have gone unheard?
  • driving to work and barely remembering the journey?
  • Watching a thrilling movie and suddenly realising the phone has been ringing


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If you know of anyone or If you want freedom from anxious thoughts and real, debilitating feelings that are preventing you from living the life you truly know you deserve.

Hypnotherapy can help.

If you want to eliminate the fears and phobias that prevent you from doing things that family and friends take for granted, Hypnotherapy is an amazingly fast and effective therapy that will help.

Please get in touch for a complimentary, no pressure chat and let’s talk about the life you want for yourself.


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