Preventative Dentistry

While our team includes highly experienced dentists with a wide range of skills, we would always much prefer to show people how to prevent dental problems than treat them later on.

Dental Sedation for Nervous Patients in Leamington Spa


Conscious sedation is a very safe and effective way of relaxing even the most nervous patients when they are having dental treatment. It’s also great for patients who aren’t really that nervous but are having more complex surgical treatment done and would rather be more comfortable.

Not only are you relaxed and comfortable, but you forget everything as you go along, so anxieties do not have a chance to escalate.

A long procedure can fly by in an instant, many people feel they’ve been asleep (even though they are still awake) and there’s very little memory of the procedure.

Why sedation?

Approximately 40%of adults in the UK have a moderate to severe anxiety about going to the dentist. So many people are avoiding having treatment which can lead to teeth that are falling apart, infections, pain, difficulty eating and ruined smiles.

The worse the problem gets, the worse the embarrassment is, the more patients fear they will be “told off” by the dentist for allowing their teeth to get in that state. That worry only adds to the anxiety as patients descend down a guilt spiral, sometimes leading to hospital referrals, unnecessary general anaesthetics and full dentures.

The great news is that there are ways to break that cycle, bypass the anxieties and enjoy comfortable forgettable dental treatment.


How does sedation work?

There are different ways of using conscious sedation and our provider uses a technique called “Intravenous Sedation” which is a very powerful way of relaxing people. Most adults are aware of a drug called “Valium”; the sedative use is from the same family of drugs but produces a much deeper form of sedation.

They place a small cannula in a vein in your arm or hand. If you are afraid of needles, they can use numbing cream first to make it easier.

After about 10 seconds the sedative starts to work, seeing a very relaxed sensation.

They then slowly introduce more sedative until your eyes are closing and your heart rate lowers as you experience the deeper calming effects.

You are then “topped up” throughout the procedure. At the end of your appointment, you should be able to stand up and walk without a lot of help. Once home, most people have a very nice sleep for a few hours.


Our sedation provider

leamington spa sedation dental

Our sedation team is headed up Dr Rob Endicott BDS (Birm 1997) GDC 73516 who is the founder and CEO of UKSedation, a nationwide network of dentists who visit practices to carry out IV Sedation. Rob has been using sedation almost every single day for 15 years, having treated thousands of patients, from the mild to the most severely anxious. You can meet him by watching the video below or visiting his website

“I firmly believe that all patients should have easy access to sedation to help them get the treatment they need. Sedation should be a routine part of dentistry in the UK as we start to take seriously peoples fears and concerns. No one needs to go through the mill to get even the most advanced dentistry done. I’m very proud to be affiliated with Euston Place, a full service dental practice in the heart of the Midlands“


How to access the sedation services

If you are already a registered patient of the practice, please talk to your dentist at your next appointment, or call our reception team to see if sedation is suitable for any of your dental treatment.

If you are not yet a patient of the practice, we would love to discuss sedation in greater detail as part of a new patient examination upon registering with the practice. Call our reception now on 01926 422509 to book your new patient examination today.


Where can I find out more about dental sedation?

For more information about dental sedation and how it could benefit you, please visit

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