Stop Snoring Week 2021

Did you know you could speak to your dentist about how to stop snoring? Stop Snoring week 2021.

Today marks the start of Stop Snoring Week and is a condition that affects over 40% of the population, more so if you consider the snorers bed partners!!

Lack of sleep caused by snoring can have numerous wide reaching side effects on both the snorer and their bed partner, including:

Lack of concentration

Reduced libido

Diminished energy and daytime sleepiness

Increased risk of stress and depression

Alongside common advice from your GP such as weight loss, different sleeping positions, staying well hydrated and avoiding alcohol, you can speak to your dentist for further support.

Clinically proven devices such as the Sleepwell Device from @s4sdental can be prescribed by your dentist. A two piece device, worn on both dental arches, it stops the snoring occurring as the lower jaw cannot drop back and obstruct the airway.

If snoring is affecting your life, try speaking to your dentist today.

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