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Kirpal Dhaliwal

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Manchester, UK

Graduating from The University of Manchester in 2005, Dr Dhaliwal soon developed an interest in implantology and cosmetic dentistry from which he went on to complete several post graduate courses. He has travelled the world to be trained by some of the most renowned implantologists and was awarded a Post Graduate Certification in Implantology from The University of Warwick in 2011.


Dr Kirpal Dhaliwal’s patients respect him for his honesty, informative style and his kind nature. It is incredibly important to Dr Dhaliwal that all patients are involved in every step of the treatment planning, to ensure that the right choice is made to suit individual needs. Whether the patient needs the most simple or complex treatment to regain their dental health, Dr Dhaliwal will do his utmost to help the patient feel comfortable.


Outside of work Dr Dhaliwal likes to push himself in different types of challenges. These include running the London Marathon and taking part in Triathlons. He has even appeared on television shows Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior. All this is balanced with the toughest challenge of all, raising three fast growing children!

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