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Christine Jennings

“I started working at Euston Place on 13th May 1971 at the age of 17 years old. I worked on reception for 35 years.

In January 2006 I went behind the scenes to work in the office.

Over my 49 years at Euston Place I have worked for 20 dentists, 6 vocational dentists, 9 hygienists and numerous staff members.

Challenges which have occurred during my time were working through the 1970s where there were power cuts.

The 1998 Leamington floods and changing from being paper based to computer based.

I like that everyday is different, I enjoy getting to know our patients and working as a team.

I have really enjoyed working with all the staff, past and present”

Christine has been loyal to our practice for many many years. Currently working in the office completing admin, organising and helping the practice function.

She is jolly, thoughtful and hardworking!

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