Welcoming Mariyum – Our New Treatment Coordinator

New dental treatment coordinator at Leamington Spa dentists Euston Place Dental


We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Mariyum, who joins us as a Treatment Coordinator. Mariyum brings her expertise, warmth, and dedication to enhance our patient experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the role of a Treatment Coordinator and how Mariyum’s presence will benefit our valued patients.

What Does a Treatment Coordinator Do?

A Treatment Coordinator plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication between patients, dentists, and other team members.

Here’s what Mariyum’s responsibilities entail:

1. Patient Consultations: Mariyum will meet with patients to discuss their dental needs, concerns, and treatment goals. She will actively listen, address queries, and provide personalised guidance.

2. Treatment Planning: Collaborating closely with our dentists, Mariyum will create customised treatment plans for each patient. Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or restorative work, she’ll ensure patients understand their options and feel confident about their choices.

3. Financial Guidance: Dental treatments can be complex, and costs can vary. Mariyum will break down treatment fees, discuss insurance coverage, and explore financing options. Her goal is to make the financial aspect transparent and manageable for our patients.

4. Appointment Coordination: Mariyum will schedule appointments, coordinate with specialist dentists (if needed), and ensure treatment timelines align with patients’ preferences. She’ll be the friendly face guiding patients through their dental journey.

5. Educational Support: Patients often have questions about procedures, aftercare, and oral health. Mariyum will provide educational materials, answer queries, and empower patients to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Benefits for Our Dental Patients

1. Personalised Care: Mariyum’s one-on-one consultations allow patients to express their concerns openly. She tailors treatment plans to their unique needs, ensuring a personalised experience.

2. Reduced Anxiety: Dental visits can be nerve-wracking. Mariyum’s empathetic approach and clear communication will alleviate anxiety, making patients feel at ease.

3. Financial Clarity: Mariyum demystifies treatment costs, helping patients make informed decisions without financial surprises.

4. Efficient Workflow: With Mariyum coordinating appointments, patients can expect streamlined processes and timely care.

5. Long-Term Success: Mariyum’s educational support ensures patients understand their treatments thoroughly, leading to better compliance and successful outcomes.

Mariyum’s arrival at Euston Place Dental Practice in Lemaington Spa marks an exciting chapter. Her commitment to patient well-being aligns perfectly with our practice values. We look forward to Mariyum enhancing our patient experience and contributing to healthier smiles!

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