COVID-19 control measures to remain in place from July 19th

Following the latest government announcement this week on the ‘Roadmap To Recovery’, we felt that it was important to inform you we will be continuing to follow the current infection prevention guidance set out by Public Health England (PHE) from 19th July.


In summary, this means:

  • It will still be a requirement for our patients to wear face coverings when attending the practice, unless exempt. These should be always kept on, until instructed otherwise by our team members.
  • Social distancing will still be enforced; we will continue to spread out appointments, maintain the buildings one way system and continue to arrange the practice so that social distancing can be maintained, where applicable.
  • Our closed-door policy will stay for now, allowing only those who have a booked appointment and passed COVID-19 screening questions to enter.
  • We will continue to avoid aerosol generating procedures where possible. Where unavoidable, we will continue follow the current PPE advice, ventilate our surgeries, and follow advised ‘fallow’ times.
  • Hand sanitiser will remain available throughout the practice and we will continue with our increased cleaning regimes.


This decision has not been taken lightly, but we are in unanimous agreement that we should continue to follow our COVID-19 secure measures for now.  Public Health England have made it clear that its infection prevention control (IPC) guidance is to remain in place for healthcare settings and both patient and staff safety must remain the highest priority. Whilst we are excited to join the nation in taking the next step on the ‘Roadmap’, many of our patients remain vulnerable to COVID-19 and thus believe it would be irresponsible of us put the health of them and our staff at risk by removing our current control measures to hastily.


You can find out more details about our current control measures can be found here.

Opening Times

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