Finding Inspiration During a Pandemic

Isolation has impacted so many people for many different reasons. Euston Place’s very own Hygienist Rebecca Gibbons reveals her wish-list for lessening the stress during the current lockdown.

Focus on the positives

COVID-19 has impacted so many people for many different reasons. During uncertain times, it’s important to try to focus on the positives and gain as much as we can in throughout. It’s a great opportunity to reflect, learn, develop, allow our body and minds to relax and to spend quality time with those in the same household.


This is such a good way to keep mentally fit, to, too, as it releases endorphins – the feel good chemical in the body. I log into Zoom and work out with my friends, which makes it fun. I am also trying CrossFit-style workouts, so I’m always learning new things and working on my weak points. Working out isn’t for everyone, but it’s ideal to incorporate something into your daily routine – running, weightlifting or even yoga. This is all beneficial for our body and mind.

Learn something new

I consider myself a little bit of a geek, so learning something new is always appealing. I’m currently studying a Level 4 advanced skin course to accompany the facial aesthetics and beauty aspect of my career. This enables me to provide a better service to my clients. There are many companies offering great online opportunities to do at our own leisure. As dental professionals, we all have CPD requirements and there are lots of webinars and online content that are free to access. Now more than ever is the perfect time to get up to date and maybe learn a thing or two. I also created a blog for patients to offer tips whilst access to dental care is limited. I found this a great way to keep myself busy and offer something to the public in a time of need. My website is if anyone fancies having a read.

Check in with loved ones

Remember you are not alone – everyone is in the same position. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own world we forget to reach out to others. Try checking in with friends and family, organise a meet-up with a group of friends on Zoom or FaceTime for a catch up or a quiz night – this may put a smile on your face as well as theirs. Create a bucket list of things you and loved ones aim to do once this is all over. This will give you something to look forward to and means you are opening your mind to the positives.

Daily routine – make a list

Going into the day aimlessly makes us unproductive. I find it really helpful to make a list of things I was going to achieve that day. There is also something satisfying about ticking off each of them.

An example of my lockdown routine would be:

8.00am – Yoga or abs workout
9.00am – Breakfast
10.00am – Write content for my blog
12noon – Go for a walk
1.00pm – Have lunch. Check in with friends
2.00pm – Clean the bathroom and bedroom
3.00pm – CPD
4.00pm – CrossFit workout
5.00pm – Sort through clothes I no longer wear
6.00pm – Start dinner
8.00pm – Netflix

Personal development

I strongly believe in personal development. I think it makes us better in all aspects of life – relationships, work, friendships and so on. Write down a list of things you feel are positives about yourself. What makes you a good person? What are you grateful for? What accomplishments have you achieved?

Write down aspects of your life where there might be room for improvement and then consider the ways in which you can convert these into positives. You can apply this to different aspects of your life – for example, exercise. Set a timetable for working out and then build upon the number of reps, increasing with each session.

You’ll be surprised the difference goal setting can make to your end results.

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