COVID-19 December Update

We hope you and your family have been keeping safe.

Following the recent release of the Dental Appendix to the Government’s new Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for healthcare settings, we wanted to announce some important changes to our services from Tuesday 7th December 2021.

A New Screening Tool – Respiratory and Non-Respiratory pathways

We have introduced a new screening tool to place our patients onto either a ‘Respiratory’ or ‘Non-Respiratory’ pathway.

Before your appointment, you will be contacted by email or by a member of our reception team to answer a new set of COVID-19 screening questions which will place you on either of the two pathways. The new screening questions we will be using can be found online here.

For those patients who fall onto the non-respiratory pathway at the time of your appointment, we will be applying so called standard infection prevention precautions. This allows us to safely return to completing many routine ‘aerosol generating procedures’ including the use of ultrasonic scaling and airflow technologies in our dental hygiene appointments.

Should you fall onto the respiratory pathway, a risk assessment will be completed by one of our clinical team members to see whether your treatment can safely be deferred temporarily. If it cannot, you will be seen under a different set of ‘transmission-based precautions’. This will allow us to ensure you, our patients and our team members remain safe.

It is vitally important that you are aware of the new screening tool. Knowledge of the tool may allow you to assess whether you need to contact us before you appointment to discuss being seen under respiratory pathway conditions and save any potential disruption to your appointment on the day.

Current safety measures remain in place

Alongside these new changes, here’s a reminder of what else we are doing to keep you safe

  • Universal masking/face coverings – it remains mandatory for staff and patients within dental settings.
  • Separate entrance and exits – we will also be continuing to operate a one way system through the practice, with our temporary entrance at the rear of the practice remaining in use.
  • Hand sanitisers – remain situated throughout the practice.
  • Social distancing – our waiting rooms are still set up to maintain socially distanced.
  • Segregated Surgery – patients being seen on our respiratory pathway will be seen in a different clinical room and screened in a separate waiting area.


You can find more information about our control measures here.

A kind request

Our practice team are still working very hard in difficult and changing circumstances to serve our patients. This season, we would ask everyone to please continue to be kind, patient and respectful whilst we try to keep everyone safe.

Opening Times

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